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What’s in it for We?

At TCF, strengthening communities starts by strengthening the individuals who call it home. TCF helps to lift you up and others to achieve your financial goals to create a cumulative effect, where all these stronger “me’s” add up to one big healthy we.

Choose what’s right for we.

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Ready to achieve your financial goals? See how our checking, savings, digital banking or mortgage solutions help make you a stronger we.

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Looking to turn your dreams into realities? Talk to a Financial Advisor who will help you plan your financial future.

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Ready to be the bedrock of your community? See how our tools and services can help make your small business stronger for your community.

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Want to grow an industry leading business? Learn how our expertise can make your commercial business thrive.

The community of We.

There’s a shift happening at TCF. It’s a change that moves the focus on “me” to something bigger. And that starts by changing our purpose from “what’s in it for me?” to “what’s in it for we?” TCF believes in strengthening communities by strengthening the individuals who call it home.

Tools created for we.

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No monthly fee for active accounts with online statements. Other fees may apply.

Like paying for checking? We neither.

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Get our digital banking tools because we believe accessing your money should be on your schedule.

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Find a mortgage solution that works for you because we believe communities thrive through the power of homeownership.

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