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Loans and lines of credit

Consumer loans payment

It's easy to make a payment on the following loans; secured and unsecured former Chemical Bank loans (i.e. auto, marine, RV loan, CD secured). Make a one-time monthly payment toward your loan balance.
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Personal loans

When life happens, don’t drain your savings. Get a personal loan for planned or unexpected expenses – such as medical and dental bills, debt consolidation, legal expenses, home repairs and more.

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Home loans

Our local and knowledgeable team is reinventing how you buy your home with competitive rates, comprehensive mortgage solutions, and a no-cost, no-obligation home loan checkup to help you better understand your options.
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Home equity options

For homeowners that have a goal that calls for some extra cash, our home equity products feature competitive rates and flexible terms.

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Credit builder loan

Whether you need to establish credit from scratch or rebuild credit with a specific goal in mind, let us help you take control with a credit builder loan.

CD secured loan

Have a TCF certificate of deposit (CD)? With a CD secured loan, you can borrow against your CD without having to withdraw funds or pay early withdrawal penalties.

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Reaching your goal of owning a home might be closer than you think.
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We're sharing what makes up your credit score and how to improve it.
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When deciding between a CD or a savings account, knowing when you need the money is key.

All loans are subject to credit approval
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